New admin staff give teachers more time to teach

New administration roles have been created so teachers can focus on teaching.

A row of desks with the government logo superimposed on the image A row of desks with the government logo superimposed on the image

More than 200 new administration roles have been introduced in NSW public schools in the first stage of an innovative plan to lighten teacher workload.

Minister for Education and Early Learning Sarah Mitchell said the new staff members are part of a program to re-think what tasks are performed by teachers, and to modernise and diversify school operations.

“I want to extend a warm welcome to our new admin staff and to existing staff who have moved into permanent roles thanks to this program,” Ms Mitchell said.

“From helping coordinate school events to following up on student attendance matters with parents, I know these staff will provide welcome support in our schools.”

Ms Mitchell said this approach aligns with both staff feedback and research from the Grattan Institute which recommends finding better ways to use the wider school workforce, including support, administrative and specialist staff.

“We have heard from our teachers that it is not one policy or thing they need removed to help them with their workload, rather they need holistic and flexible support to lighten their workload,” Ms Mitchell said.

“We want our teachers to do what they do best – teaching and supporting our children in their learning – and spend less time on admin tasks.”

The program will also look at how systems and processes in schools can be further modernised, streamlined and simplified to create greater efficiencies for all school staff.

The admin staff involved in the first stage of the program have been placed across schools in northern Sydney, Lithgow and Port Macquarie.

The findings from the first stage will also help determine how effective additional support roles in schools are in freeing up time for teachers. It will also inform how to improve administration functions in all schools across the state.

The Quality Time program to reduce administrative burden remains a priority for the NSW Liberal and Nationals Government. The program exceeded all its targets in 2022, saving teachers more than 50 hours of time. It continues through the admin staff program and other initiatives in 2023 and beyond.

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