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Milly awarded for dogged support

Support Unit students at Kotara High School in Newcastle have had dogged support this past six months from Milly the Golden Retriever.

A woman and a student stand together, holding the leash of a golden retriver, while another student feeds the dog a bone

Milly and her owner, Trish Carlier, with students Jack Chapple and Paris Scott.
Credit: Simone de Peak

Milly and her owner, Trish Carlier, have visited the unit every week as a Delta Volunteer Therapy Dog Team.

Principal Mark Snedden said they have been an invaluable part of the unit’s team.

“A trained therapy dog has benefits humans can’t deliver in the same way,” Mark said.

“The calming influence, the learning of empathy and opportunity to interact without any feeling of judgement are profoundly significant for students in the unit.

“The students settle and relax, which really helps their engagement in class, and we’ve noticed it also has a lasting effect in helping establish what’s expected of them on the days Milly isn’t there.”

Trish and Milly were rewarded for their contribution at the school’s presentation day assembly at the end of term.

At the assembly the Newcastle/Hunter Branch of Delta Society Therapy was presented with the proceeds of the annual teachers versus students charity basketball game.

Student spectators made a gold coin donation for the privilege of watching the teachers win. Again.

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