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How to motivate students about the magic of maths

Two thousands students watched Eddie Woo and Adam Spencer face off with fascinating maths facts.

Adam Spencer, Scott Sleap and Eddie Woo.

Infectious enthusiasm for maths: from left, Adam Spencer, Scott Sleap and Eddie Woo.

The students in Year 5 to Year 10 from more than 30 Hunter schools last week watched maths whizzes Eddie Woo and Adam Spencer trying to out-do each other with the fascination of maths.

Eddie Woo is an inspirational maths teacher whose teaching videos have gone viral, and Adam Spencer is an author, comedian and maths geek well known to radio and TV audiences.

The two-hour Woo Versus Spencer workshop was hosted at the University of Newcastle and delivered in partnership with the NSW Department of Education’s STEM Industry School Partnership program.

Program leader Dr Scott Sleap says the aim was to have as many students as possible be inspired by the two mathematicians.

“Between them, they have probably motivated thousands of students with their infectious enthusiasm for maths, what it can do, and the problems it can solve in almost every area of life,” Dr Sleap said.

“The workshop also demonstrated how competency in maths unlocks countless opportunities in science, technology and engineering, in turn opening all sorts of career doors.”

A range of education and industry experts were on hand to support the two mathematicians deliver their message about subject choice and career opportunities.

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