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Girl Power wins technology title with literacy app

Students wanting to help their friend with dyslexia developed a reading app and in the process learnt more about language.

The Read Smart team.

Teacher Terry Currie with students, from left, Inda, Tess, Freya, Indigo and Alannah.

The five students from Dunoon Public School near Lismore were awarded the 2019 NSW ‘Next Tech Girl Superhero’ title for their Read Smart app.

The app helps those with dyslexia and other reading difficulties identify how individual groups of letters, words and sentences sound by having them highlighted and sounded out sequentially in the text on the app.

The Next Tech Girl Superhero’ competition is run by the not-for-profit ‘Tech Girls Movement’ established by Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen to promote positive female role models in technology, and to raise awareness among girls about careers in technology.

Dunoon Public School principal Genevieve Slocombe, said the project started from a personal basis, with one of the team members having dyslexia.

“From that and with the outstanding support of their mentor, teacher Terry Currie, they developed the ‘Read Smart’ app,” she said.

“The app is a terrific literacy resource, and its development has been a great learning experience for the team. It has involved the team gaining a deeper understanding of language themselves, and then translating that into practical support through the software.”

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