COVID tutoring program goes above and beyond

The benefits of a program to support students to recover learning lost due to the pandemic are more than academic.

A row of desks with the government logo superimposed on the image A row of desks with the government logo superimposed on the image

A pioneering tutoring initiative supporting school students to recover following COVID lockdowns has benefits beyond its original aim of improving student learning, a new evaluation has shown.

Minister for Education and Early Learning Sarah Mitchell said the NSW Government’s COVID Intensive Learning Support Program was seeing benefits for students and early career teachers.

“We are seeing students' confidence and classroom engagement improve thanks to the support they’re receiving, along with providing hundreds of pre-service teachers invaluable hands-on experience,” Ms Mitchell said.

A recent evaluation of the COVID Intensive Learning Support Program examined its impact on student learning and engagement from the teachers’ perspective, the quality of the program-specific teaching and learning resources, as well as some of the challenges encountered by schools. 

The evaluation revealed student confidence and engagement improved by 80 per cent, and students’ motivation and attitude towards school had improved by 77 per cent and 69 per cent respectively.

A wider evaluation of the program, including academic outcomes of students involved, will be completed by the end of Term 1 2023.

The NSW Government invested an additional $383 million to extend the program in 2022. The total investment is more than $700 million since 2021. 

Third-year university student Mackenzie Allen spent two days a week for a year at Oak Flats Public School in the Illawarra, providing literacy and numeracy tutoring under the supervision of an accredited teacher.

“This experience has cemented my future career aspirations in the teaching profession,” Ms Allen said. 

Both evaluation reports are available:

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