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ATAR – perfect finale

Ada Fang from Sydney Girls High School has secured the highest score possible on her ATAR – 99.95.

Ada Fang

Ada Fang scored a perfect 100 in HSC 2-unit mathematics and the highest possible ATAR of 99.95.

Ada Fang knows what it's like to be perfect. Last year as a Year 11 accelerated student she scored a perfect 100 in HSC 2-unit mathematics.

Yesterday the Sydney Girls High student replicated that effort when her HSC results showed she scored another perfect 100 in her HSC Maths Extension 1 exam.

And today she has secured the highest score possible on her ATAR – 99.95.

Although she admitted to being "pretty shocked" by the result, Ada conceded she was also "pretty pleased" as well.

It is a score that will now propel the 17-year-old toward her ambition of studying a combined medicine/science degree at the University of Sydney.

The dual degree reflects an interesting conflict of interests within the teenager, who has developed a passion for chemistry during Year 11 and 12.

Her success in the STEM subject saw Ada selected as the only girl in the four-member Australian team which competed at the International Chemistry Olympiad in Thailand in July.

It was the intensive Olympiad experience that brought home to Ada how much she loved chemistry.

"Being a doctor and the ability to improve someone's quality of life always appealed to me," Ada said.

"But as I learned more advanced chemistry in both the senior years and through the Olympiads I became more and more interested [in chemistry].

"This definitely began to compete with my ambitions to becoming a doctor. Although I think furthering my knowledge in chemistry will also improve my abilities to become a good doctor."

For now Ada is delaying any decision about whether her love for chemistry will push her long-held dream to be a doctor to one side.

"I want to do a double degree so I can continue to pursue my interest in chemistry so I am lucky as I will get to experience studying at university level in both the things I love."

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