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Art teachers practise what they teach at Casula Powerhouse

An exhibition of works by nine artist art teachers from Sydney at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre is the latest initiative of the organisation ‘Practise What You Teach’ (PWYT).

Artwork on display at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

Artwork on display at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.
Credit: Hamish Ta-Mé.

PWYT’s exhibitions aim to support art teachers in staying in touch with their creative interests and the contemporary art world, and to support professional development and networking.

Organiser and artist / teacher Camille Softley from Randwick Girls High School says PWYT’s work directly benefits students.

“Keeping connected and developing what motivated you to become an art teacher in the first place is hugely refreshing both for your creative drive and your desire to share your passion and expertise with your students,” said Camille, who has been assisted in organising the exhibition by Bianca Couchman from Lane Cove Council.

“This is the fourth exhibition PWYT has had over the last two years, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to use such an excellent exhibition space as the Casula Powerhouse.”

The exhibition runs till June 25.

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