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Tune in to a class with jazz great James Morrison

A masterclass with the jazz maestro James Morrison will give NSW student musicians an insight into writing melodies.

James Morrison sitting with his trumpet

James Morrison

What do Australian jazz great James Morrison and Grammy-winning musician Herbie Hancock have in common with NSW student musicians?

They could be sharing the limelight and stage when Sydney plays Global Host to the International Jazz Day 2019 on April 30 next year.

As part of a competition to write music for the global event, NSW students are invited to submit an original melody either as a written score, a performed piece or a hummed melody.

Now NSW government school students have the chance to get an inside running on the competition by joining a virtual composition class with Morrison, International Jazz Day 2019 co-director, next Monday, November 12.

Students from across New South Wales, including as far west as Broken Hill and north to the Tweed coast will join in the virtual class.

Morrison will emphasise that you don’t have to be a jazz musician or even a trained musician to compose a melody – just enthusiastic.

The winning composition, to be judged by Hancock, will be played on International Jazz Day during the All-Star Global Concert at the Sydney Opera House which will be broadcast to millions of people in more than 190 countries worldwide.

School bands also have an opportunity to be involved in International Jazz Day 2019 as a school band will be chosen to perform the winning melody with some of the world’s great jazz musicians.

As one of the first cities in the world to greet April 30, Sydney will officially kick off the worldwide celebration of International Jazz Day, initiating more than 24 hours of nonstop concerts, recitals, art and photo exhibitions, book and poetry presentations, jam sessions, community service initiatives, lectures and other education programs in more than 190 countries.

The department’s Arts Unit is working closely with Morrison, an International Jazz Day ambassador, and is preparing curriculum materials to support schools and students.

Composition competition entries need to be received before the end of Term 4 (Wednesday December 7) and the winner of the competition will be announced early in 2019.

You can register to join the virtual class at Dart Connections.

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