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Digital Citizenship: be positive, smart and safe

The department’s Digital Citizenship website has been completely updated and revamped to equip and empower students for a digital future.

A young girl using an iPad.

New resources will help students understand how to responsibly use technology, and teach safe and ethical online behaviour.

The Digital Citizenship site is designed to help students, staff and parents understand and develop the attitude, skills, knowledge and behaviours they need to actively participate in a digital society.

The Digital Citizenship website shows students how to ‘be positive’ by understanding online behaviour and its effect, ‘be smart’ by thinking critically and being digitally aware; and ‘be safe’ by protecting security, privacy and wellbeing.

The toolkit, developed by the department in partnership with leading researchers, provides advice and guidance to parents on how to ensure the wellbeing of young people in a digital environment. It also supports teachers to model best practice and actively teach students the skills they need to be responsible digital citizens, including:

  • managing their privacy settings in social media
  • collaborating online and avoiding scams and hoaxes
  • understanding the law when it comes to online speech
  • internet banking, shopping online and much more.

Students are able to work independently or be guided by their parents and teachers, to utilise the articles and resources available on or via the Digital Citizenship site.

The website articles and resources are linked to the NSW and Australian curriculum.

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