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Another reason to choose rural

Two major new incentives will become available in 2019 to attract the best and brightest teachers to some of the most remote parts of NSW.

Two boys smile as they walk beside their mother in a rural location.

From 2019 there are even more reasons to choose to teach at rural and remote schools.

The Rural Teacher Incentive and Experienced Teacher Benefit are designed to recognise and reward teachers who are currently working in over 150 rural and remote incentive schools. They will also attract quality teachers to hard-to-staff locations.

The Rural Teacher Incentive offers all permanent teachers between $20,000 and $30,000 (before tax) depending on the remoteness of the school. In 2019, homeowners will be eligible for major financial benefits that have not been previously offered.

The Experienced Teacher Benefit helps to ensure that eligible rural and remote schools have a balance of experienced and beginning teachers available to students. A $10,000 (before tax) payment each year for up to five years, encourages teachers who have held proficient teacher accreditation for six years or more to consider working at specific rural and remote schools.

For more information and a range of support materials read the benefits and incentives section on teach.NSW.

The department also seeks to encourage temporary teachers to apply for positions at rural and remote schools. The range of benefits and incentives available to temporary teachers at rural and remote incentive schools includes:

  • fast track from temporary to permanent employment
  • recruitment bonus for eligible positions
  • extended rental subsidy for 4 point incentive schools.

These new incentives are part of the department’s Rural and Remote Strategy which we have been implementing over the last two years.

Visit teach.NSW to find out what else is on offer at over 150 schools across NSW.

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