Teaching and assessing writing

Writing is a critical part of the learning process and the main form of assessment in schools.

For this reason, the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) is conducting a research project into the teaching of writing with the aim of producing teaching resources and targeted professional learning.

As part of the project, NESA has conducted a survey to learn how teachers can be better supported. The survey will help identify ways to provide teachers with more support and assistance in the classroom, such as tailored professional development relevant to subjects and learning areas.

NESA is also developing an online tool to assist in the marking of student writing, using criteria aligned to the national literacy learning progressions that identify the set of skills required at each stage of student learning. The tool will assist teachers in diagnosing students’ specific skills in writing to enable them to target their teaching based on learning needs.

For more information on the Australian Writing Survey, visit the NESA website.

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