Level 2 template

Use this guide to learn how and when to use a Level 2 template. Level 2 template displays banner, section summary and content teasers.


This template:
  • displays Content teaser on the left hand side and bottom of the page.
  • allows you to display mutliple sections on one page.
  • allows you to navigate easily through each section.
  • Note: You must only use it as a Level 2 page.
Example of a page using Level 2 template.
level 2 template
level 2 template

Step 1: Create a page using Level 2 template

  • Select Level 2 template from the template menu and click on Next from the top-right corner.
template selection
Image: Select Level 2 template
  • Add a meaningful Title and Description.
  • Select appropriate tags for Page Type, Category and Audience.
  • Select Create from the top-right corner and Open to go to the page.
title and tagging
Image: Add Title and Tags

Step 2: Include Section Summary

  • Select Spanner on Section Summary component.
  • Add Title such as 'In this section'
  • Select little tick in grey box in URL column and then select the relevant path.
  • Select Levels to show in the Section Summary.
  • Note: Page description will show as summary under each title.
  • Select tick from the top-right corner.

Step 3: Add details - Optional

Step 4: Publish your changes

  • Publish your page to reflect the changes.

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