Create a new Content Fragment

Use this guide to learn how-to create a Content Fragment.

Step 1: Setting up the timeline folder

  • You need to create a folder in Assets to hold all the timeline content fragments. Create the folder under disability such as '/content/dam/main-education/disability/enrolment-timeline'.
folder creation
Image: Create a folder in Assets

Step 2: Creating the timeline fragment

  • Select the folder you created and then select the blue Create button from the top-right corner.
  • Select Content Fragment from the drop-down menu.
content fragment selection
Image: Select Content Fragment
  • Select DoE: Disability Timeline Content Fragment and then select Next from the top right.
Select Disability Timeline Content Fragment
Image: Select Disability Timeline Content Fragment
  • Give a meaningful Title to your Content Fragment and then select Create from the top-right corner.
title addition
Image: Add Title
  • A new dialogue box will appear, select Open to fill in Content and Metadata for the Content Fragment.
  • Fill in Timeline content. You can leave the Info text call out box field as it is optional.
Image: Fill Timeline content
  • Select Metadata icon from the top-left of your screen. This is the last icon in the list.
Image: Select metadata icon
  • Fill in all the required fields such as Start Month, Timeline Display year, Sort Order, End Month and Activation Status.
  • Select Save from the top-right corner.
  • Publish the fragment.
add metadata
Image: Add Metadata
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