Style guide for theme.


The photographic style captured should be naturalistic. Photography should portray realistic situations and reflect a range of real-life scenarios that depict teachers, staff, primary and high school students.

Students should appear in school uniform. The subject matter should appear positive, approachable and natural.

Photographs should reflect the multicultural diversity of the organisation with an appropriate mix of race, age and gender to reflect the situation.


Colour palette

Our web colour palette passes the WCAG 2.0 AA colour contrast requirements. These palettes have been inspired by bold hues and are contrasted with monochromatic text and bright highlights.

These colour palettes are comprised of primary and secondary colours that can be used for illustration or to develop your business areas colours. They've been designed to work harmoniously with each other.

Typography colour palette

To ensure compliance to the WCAG 2.0 AA, all digital content should appear in black or in cases of high contrast, white.


Primary colour palette


Secondary colour palette


Mono colour palette



We have recently updated our GEF typeface to Montserrat, an open source Google font.


Montserrat Bold


Montserrat Regular


Montserrat Light


Desktop styles

Too many type sizes and styles at once can break the rhythm of any layout. Building hierarchy within your layout with clear and defined type styles will allow for a better user experience. A clear hierarchy will also assist screen readers in navigating throughout your page.


There are currently 3 templates available for use in the theme: section home, landing, and standard content. These templates should be used at the correct site level to ensure consistency in the overall interaction flow.

There are additional templates that are in development, including the homepage, primary and secondary hub pages. These connect the lower level sections and form the greater website.

Section templates appear after the secondary hub level of the site.

Section home

The section home serves as the homepage for the key areas of related content and major programmes. It gives the user a quick overview, links to topics and sub-topics, and highlights pages within the section.

Landing page

The landing page template is used to group content within a topic. This template routes the user to content pages deeper within the topics through in page navigation and teaser content.

Standard content page

The content template is where a majority of content is presented. In addition, the sidebar helps the user navigate to sibling and child pages.

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