Publishing roadmap

Our roadmap shows how we are building and when new sections will be released in the coming months.

Release schedule

The timelines below are estimates and will be confirmed and updated as we can confirm release dates with the business units and ITD.

2017 quarter 1

Our quarter one goal for 2017 is to move remaining secure content to the inside the department section on

  • Australian Curriculum implementation support
  • Business intelligence
  • Communication and engagement
  • DE international
  • Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC)
  • Enrolling in a NSW government school
  • Events
  • Filmpond
  • Health and safety
  • Leadership and high performance
  • Media
  • Parramatta 2018
  • Primary education
  • Public Schools NSW
  • School policy and information management
  • Schools communication and engagement
  • School Website Service and Pario Website Service
  • Stewart House
  • The Buzz
  • Yammer
  • Young Professionals Network

2017 quarters 2 & 3

By November 2017, all sites published on Liferay 6 will be moved or decommissioned.

This includes other agency sites.

Replatforming masterlist

We are keeping a record of all digital sites, sections and assets that are in scope for the education.nsw program of work.

Access the Google sheet by following these steps:

  • Sign in with your e.g.
  • Leave the password field blank.
  • You may be directed to the Portal Login Page. Enter your department user ID and password.

If you have never accessed the Google suite of applications before, try following these steps;

If you expect to see something on the list but cannot find it please contact us so we can include it in our plan.

Published sections

A full list of publicly available sections are published on the homepage.  All secure sections can be accessed from the inside the department section.

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