Development roadmap

The development roadmap show how we are building, prioritising and releasing GEF patterns with the @education theme in the coming months.

Recent updates

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Current development

We prioritise deliverables based on how much they will improve user experience, as well as key deadlines and business requirements.

DeliverableDescriptionStage Estimated release
PoliciesEnhancements to the policy library print styles and search.DevelopmentFebruary
Provide feedback solution changeThe current solution for users providing feedback directs the feedback to a single email address.  The change will send all feedback to content owners, as well as the Digital Services team.  
We are using the Qualtrics platform for the form interface.
Search Update to the current search template to support more advanced features; include all education.nsw sections in search results, filter results to public or public and secure results, filter results to single section. DevelopmentInteractive releases.
Workflow and permissions configurationConfiguration and test to existing sites takes one day. We will progressively roll this out to exist sites and for new sites it will become part of the standard configuration.ReleasedOngoing

Development backlog

We prioritise deliverables based on how much they will improve user experience, as well as key deadlines and business requirements.

GEF fontThe current Montserrat font does not render acceptably when using italics or bold, particularly when using 'i', 'I' and 'l'.Planning
News enhancementsA set of templates and components used to publish news items periodically.Planning
Print to PDFA print to PDF module will allow for print styles to be applied to content.Planning
Primary and secondary hubsAnalysis, define and plan for the primary and secondary hubs in the information architecture.Planning
Improvements to editing experienceThe upgrade to Matrix 5.3.1 creates the opportunity to use the Paint Layout feature for patterns and simplifies how editors set them up.Hold
Single view of all sites in Edit+Allow users with Edit+ access to view all sites they have access to in a single view.Hold
Directorate A-Z conceptConcept and patterns for how Directorate A-Z content will be presented on 
Versioning and rollbackStoring versions of draft and published content.Hold
Matrix > TRIM connectorA connector that allows linking Squiz Matrix with a TRIM Record. 
Public/ secure indicatorAs a user I want to know if I am viewing public or secure content.Planning
Enable future status in Edit+As a content approver I want to schedule pages for status changes in out of hours times. 
CalendarA multipurpose calendar. 
Theme variationsAnalyse, define and plan for variations of the theme, such as 'Inside the department'. 
Expanded navigation variantsVariations of the expanded navigation pattern. 
Case studiesTemplate of multiple patterns specific to case study type content. 
Content reviewAs a content owner I want to be able to review content that is coming up for review in advance, and to set a custom date. 
Guided journey patternPattern to keep user in context of a process. 
Image and video galleriesExtend existing patterns to allow for multiple images and videos on the same page. 
Icon libraryA set of icons available for reuse across the platform. 
Call out box variantsVariations of the callout box to accommodate different types of key content blocks.Planning
Right hand column WYSIWYGModules in the right hand column to showcase secondary content, e.g. related links 
Level 1 permissionsAs a content owner I want editor and publisher permissions applied at a more granular level (the level 1), so that user access and responsibilities are aligned. 
Table variantsVariations of visual treatment to tables to accommodate different types of table based content.
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