Creating a new management utilities prototype

The department developed a concept management utility to replace the existing AMU, SMU, and EMU tools which are deemed inefficient, frustrating to use, and a drain on staff resources. Here are the results.


The department engaged Boomworks in April 2018 to create a redesign concept. The current management utilities [Access Management Utility (AMU), Staff Management Utility (SMU) and Educational Management Utility (EMU)] are not intuitive for users and often generate calls to the support help desk.

Completing tasks using the existing utilities is time-consuming and frustrating. For example, AMU does not provide a way to quickly and easily grant user access to many applications.

Digital Experience Solutions Director Peter Coppola said when a new staff member joins a school this is a repetitive, laborious and frustrating process that can involve more than 20 screens to access five applications. He said this can be done in five screens using the redesign.


Boomworks adopted a user-centred design methodology including:

  • user interviews
  • co-design
  • prototyping
  • usability testing.

Both corporate- and school-based staff were involved throughout the process.


When asked if they prefer the existing management utilities or the redesigned utilities, 100% of usability testing participants said they preferred the redesigned utilities.

All participants anticipated the redesigned utilities will save them time and that will be "significant". As one principal estimated: “You're saving minutes on every person. That would add up to hours in the week.”


Secure funding to take the concept through to detailed design, development and release of the redesigned management utilities.

It is recommended funding also be secured to build the staff portal app. Key to participant’s enthusiasm for the redesigned utilities was the notifications area (in the staff portal app). This eliminates emails to the authoriser.

Coppola said the "importance of this can not be understated". "Authorisers do not want more emails."

Want to know more?

For the full report: Management utilities redesign concept (PDF 6.85 MB)

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