Creating a staff portal app

The department adopted a user-centred design methodology when creating a concept staff portal app to help staff save time on administrative and functionary activities. Here are the results.


The department engaged Boomworks in April 2018 to create a concept staff portal app to take advantage of the benefits native mobile apps offer over web-based apps.

The team noted native apps make the most of a mobile device’s inbuilt functionality including gestures, push notifications, camera and GPS functionality, sharing between native apps, and biometric authentication.

The aim was to determine if some of these functionalities could be leveraged to help staff spend less time on administrative and functionary activities.


Boomworks adopted a user-centred design methodology including:

  • user interviews
  • co-design
  • prototyping
  • usability testing.

Both corporate- and school-based staff were involved throughout the process.


The staff portal app concept hinges on a task-oriented notifications screen that surfaces tasks from other applications. These tasks can then be actioned "with just a few taps". As one participant described, the time saving is “monumental”.

The portability, notifications, email-less, and frictionless authentication of the staff portal app combine to save staff time. It was estimated individuals could save “hours per week". As one participant said: “This will save so much time. You can see how this changes everything."

Digital Experience Solutions Director Peter Coppola said testing of the prototype has confirmed the app will save staff time enabling them to focus more on their primary roles such as teaching and lesson planning.

Want to know more?

For the full report: Staff Portal App Concept Design (PDF 5.44 MB)

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