Customer experience centre

We place our customer's needs at the centre of the products and services we design and roll out. Use these pages to discover research to help you understand your customers; a toolkit to apply it to your project; and success stories to inspire you.

Customer experience vision

The department has developed an aspirational vision for our customer experience (CX). It includes a direction for discussion, design concepts, guiding principles and a clear set of measures.

See our Digital Customer Experience Strategy (PDF 11998.1KB).

Our research

Browse our Customer Experience Research Library to uncover what we've learned about our customer's journeys as they interact with the department. This will give you an evidence base for the decisions you make.

And find out why it's important our products and services support our customer's jobs to be done.

Your toolkit

Dip into your toolkit to find information, ideas, tools and templates to support you in developing products and services with your customers needs at the centre.

Success stories

Use our success stories to show how evidence-based research and human-centred design principles lead to products and services customers love.

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