Policy groups

No Group Policy title
1 Curriculum and learning activities Curriculum planning, programming, assessing and reporting K-12
Environmental Education
Literacy K-12
Numeracy K-12
Road Safety Driver Education and Training
Sport and Physical Activity
Workplace Learning
2 Health, safety and wellbeing Bullying: Assisting and responding to Student Bullying in Schools
Incident Reporting
Mentoring Students
Nutrition in Schools 
Protecting and Supporting Children and Young People
Reporting School Accidents
Student Discipline in Government Schools
Student Health in Public Schools – Summary and consolidations
Student Welfare
Work Health and Safety
3 Administration
(Schools and students)
Animal Welfare
Commercial Arrangement for School Based Activities
Controversial issues in schools
Enrolment of students in NSW schools
Leading and Managing the School
Overseas Students and Visitors
Release of Student Information
Psychological Test
School Attendance
School Excellence
School Uniform
Selective High School and Opportunity Class Placement
Student Counselling Files
Values in NSW Public Schools
4 Access and equity Aboriginal Education
Assisted School Travel program for Students with a Disability
Assisting Students with Learning Difficulties 
Gifted and Talented
Multi-cultural Education
Out of Home Care in Government Schools
People with Disabilities – Statement of Commitment
5 School activities Copyright Lawfully Screening Films and Television in Schools
Copyright: Podcasting in Schools
Copyright Screening Pirated DVDs in Schools
Religious Education
Special Education in Ethics
6 Management (Enterprise and schools) Business Continuity Management
Complaint Handling
Corruption Prevention
Enterprise Risk Management
Enterprise Data
Information Security
Media Relations
Motor Vehicle
Public Interest Disclosures
Records Management
Travel on Official Business
7 People Accreditation at Highly Accomplished Teacher and Lead Teacher
Accreditation at Proficient Teacher in NSW Government Schools
Allegations Against Employees in the area of child protection
Code of Conduct
Community Language Allowance Scheme
Head Teacher Eligibility Requirements
Management of Conduct and Performance
Performance Management and Development
Private and Secondary Employment
Professional Learning
Workforce Diversity
Working with Children Check
8 Technology, devices and the Internet Communication devices and associated services
On-line communications – acceptable usage
Social Media
Student Bring Your Own Device
9 Facilities and assets Community Use of School Facilities
Demountable Accommodation for Schools and TAFE
Development Application notices for neighbouring developments
Joint Funding of Capital Works in Schools
Mobile Telecommunications Facilities
Naming of NSW Government Schools
Surplus Land Sale to Non-Government Schools
10 Finance Beginning Teachers Support Funding
Ex-Gratia Payments
Pre-school class fees in Government Schools 
Vendor Invoice Payment Terms
Voluntary School Contribution
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