Evaluative Thinking toolkit

This evaluative thinking toolkit provides resources enabling teachers and school leaders to gather additional evidence about the impact of practice as part of an evaluative thinking approach. Resources in this toolkit have been developed in collaboration with Western Sydney University's School of Education and the Department of Education's Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation.

Full Version

Evaluative Thinking toolkit full version (.PDF 1.03 MB)


Focus group (.docx 158kB )

Interviews (.docx 102kB )

Most significant change (.docx 235kB )

Photo voice (.PDF 152kB)

Photo elicitation (.docx 153kB )

Student products (.docx 33kB )

Student surveys (.docx 110kB )

Video capture (.docx 283kB )

Further reading and resources

Evaluative thinking for successful educational innovation Lorna Earl, Helen Timperley (July 2015) OECD Education Working Papers

Learning Curve 14 – 5 Essentials for Effective Evaluation

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