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Young Change Agents - Funded Programs Expression of Interest

Futures Learning and Young Change Agents have partnered together to bring an opportunity for female NSW public secondary students to participate in fully funded Young Change Agents programs. Young Change Agents is an unregistered social enterprise provider who deliver a social entrepreneurship program for 10-18 year olds, helping youth see problems as opportunities.

The program provides the tools to think creatively, to build skills in critical thinking and communication, and to empower youth to be entrepreneurs, leaders and world changers. Each 2 ½ day program will run between April and June 2017 in negotiation with school availability and Young Change Agents.

For more information, please read the EOI Details (PDF 185KB)

EOI’s will be accepted up to 3pm Monday 27th March 2017. Please send to

University of Melbourne (ARC Funded)

This project will investigate Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change. It will develop strategies to harness the potential of innovative learning space. It will also explore the effect on students’ deep learning and learning outcomes.

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Cover page of the ILETC Overview brochure


April 2017

November 2016 (442Kb)

Initial online survey

The project commences with a short online survey of school principals in government schools to collect baseline data. The purpose of the survey is to identify the range of learning spaces in schools and how they are used.

This survey is now closed.

NMC/CoSN Horizon Report> 2016 K-12 Edition

Download the report

Download the toolkit

University of Wollongong (Early Start Research Institute)

The NSW Department of Education is committed to transforming 1,600 classrooms into flexible learning spaces over the next decade. To help us make this transformation successful, the Early Start Research Institute at the University of Wollongong, developed a comprehensive evaluation of current schools in NSW that are applying flexible learning spaces. This report provides an understanding of how the movement towards flexible learning spaces has impacted student outcomes, pedagogy and learning. The report also provides an important research and evidence base to guide the work of Futures Learning and the Asset Management Directorate within the Department.

Download the report (PDF 1.67MB)

DART Connections

  • DART Connections is an initiative of the NSW Department of Education - Distance and Rural Technologies (DART).
  • The initiative co-ordinates exciting learning opportunities through video conferencing excursions for schools.
  • Connections excursions are designed to enrich and supplement curriculum across all stages and key learning areas.

For more information, please visit

An innovative learning environment where children are playing and learning.

Innovative Education, Successful Students

To succeed in the future, our students will require research, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. They will need to be able to work independently and together with groups of other students. The spaces our children learn in have to be more flexible with the innovative integration of new technology and better opportunities for student/teacher collaboration.

Read more about our reforms here.

CESE Resources

  • The Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE) aims to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and accountability of education in New South Wales.
  • CESE is focused on supporting decision-making in education delivery and development with strong evidence.
  • Futures Learning is informed by the evidence-based insights and works of CESE when developing key efforts to improve learning and teaching outcomes in NSW.

Resources that are particularly relevant for future-focused learning include:

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