Project-Based Learning toolkit

Project-Based Learning (PBL) is an approach to teaching and learning that is being implemented globally. PBL engages students in rich and authentic learning experiences and can be transformative for your teaching practice and your school but ultimately requires strong, supportive leadership and a commitment to innovation and contemporary pedagogies. It must be recognised that PBL may need to be adapted to be successful in your context.

The PBL toolkit comprises 4 sections: 

  • Introducing PBL
  • Developing the project experience
  • Implementing the project
  • Key practices that support PBL

This toolkit is a guide and aims to help teachers who are new to PBL gain an understanding of the steps and strategies that can be used to implement it effectively. There are a large number of resources available to support the implementation of PBL, many of which are referenced in this toolkit, as there is no 'one size fits all' approach. This toolkit is designed to provide a starting point for the journey.

NSW Public Schools who would like to provide their own example of effective Project-Based Learning, to be shared via this website, are invited to complete the following form.

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