Case for change

Video: Redesigning learning and teaching

Are we giving young people the best chance of success and happiness in a changing economy and society?

How is our future - and indeed our present - unlike the past?

How can we shape an education for every student that engages them deeply in their learning and prepares them for the world beyond school?

The case for change animation and slide deck have been developed to support school leaders and teachers to engage in a discussion with colleagues, parents, students and the broader community about how we can best engage, challenge and support students in their learning.

You may like to use it in the following ways:

  • Invite your parent community to a viewing and start the conversation about their case for change.
  • Use the animation as stimulus for building upon your own school's case for change at a professional learning day.
  • Ask students to contribute to your case for change: What can we learn from their perspectives?

You may like to use it in collaboration with the consultation toolkit, also on this website, which provides protocols for engaging members of your school community with the case for change and for gathering recommendations about future directions.

Redesigning Learning and Teaching – A Case for change (.pptx 3.71MB)

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To learn more about the purpose and strategy of Futures Learning, please see the following documents:

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