Sector development program

The sector development program supports the early childhood education workforce by offering free training, support and resources to build the capacity of services in line with NSW priorities.

Program benefits

The program helps services support staff development. It provides:

  • new reference and training materials
  • guidance on the 600-hour business operating model
  • information on developing inclusive practices that support the diverse needs of children.

Professional development opportunities

We’re currently offering the following training for staff from approved eligible services:

Family Day Care Educators (PD in your Pocket)

This training provides professional development for Family Day Care (FDC) educators, responding directly to the learning needs identified by services. It will cover areas important to the development of family day care educators such as:
  • learning in FDC
  • how to support the development of self-regulation skills for children in FDC
  • critical Reflection as a FDC educator.

Available to

This training is available to family day care services in New South Wales.

Course delivery method

This course will be delivered online as a series of webinars. Participants will also receive resource booklets and further reading recommendations.

More information and registration

Visit the NSW Family Day Care Association website.

Mentoring and Coaching for new Early Childhood Teachers

This course provides opportunities for Early Childhood teachers to link with mentors in the Early Childhood Education sector to meet and network across the sector, all while guided by a professional Master mentor.

The program will offer mentors:

  • professional development course on mentoring (20 hours)
  • development opportunity
  • guidance by Master mentors.

The program will offer mentees:

  • professional development course (20 hours)
  • ongoing guidance throughout the program to support your development and confidence.

Available to

This course is available to early childhood education services delivering a preschool educational program.

Course delivery method

Ongoing online support via video conferencing and free resources.

More information and registration

Visit the Macquarie University website.

Peer Networks for Leaders

This professional development initiative will create a network to better support early childhood educators. The network will promote an inclusive online peer platform to solve problems and assist early educators to stay up to date with the latest thinking.

Available to

This course is available to all Directors, Educational leaders and professionals in early childhood education and care services in New South Wales.

Course delivery method

A digital network and resource platform, live conference event and webinars.

More information and registration

Visit the CELA website.

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