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  • ACEL Conference in NSW debut

    Services, providers and sector representatives are invited to register for the 3rd annual ACEL Early Childhood Conference in Sydney on 9 - 10 August, “From Child to Citizen” will be held in NSW for the first time.

  • Having a yarn on quality support

    In the interests of learning from each other and discovering more about best practice in ECE, the Aboriginal Quality Support program is being delivered across NSW.

  • Innovative Aboriginal programs for ECE

    Two new programs initiated within the early childhood education sector will help support cultural affirmation and inclusion among our littlest learners. The two programs are Aboriginal Families as Teachers, and Ninganah No More.

  • Reconciliation: it starts with us

    This year’s National Reconciliation Week, spanning 27 May – 3 June, was themed ‘”Don’t Keep History a Mystery: Learn. Share. Grow” which is a philosophy we can also embrace in the early childhood sector, where education begins.

  • May Consultations Wrap Up

    Following another round of sector consultation sessions in May, staff from the department were delighted to see those of you who were able to attend one of the 12 sessions held across the state.

  • SAFE resources for kids

    With an increased focus on child safety, services may be interested in a new range of interactive resources aimed at children aged 2 - 6 years old, developed by the Office of the Children’s Guardian.

  • QIP reminder and guide for services

    To ensure consistency in the delivery of early childhood education services, quality improvement continues to be a priority area within the sector. The Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) is a key tool available for services to support this ongoing activity.

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