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  • HESTA Early Childhood Education & Care Award Winners

    Educators from across the sector participated in the recent HESTA Early Childhood Education & Care Awards which recognises educators and organisations who have excelled in improving the learning outcomes for children.

  • Anaphylaxis and allergy support

    As part of the ongoing support for early childhood services on a range of health matters, NSW Health agencies are working with the Department of Education to run a pilot program to highlight resources available to support children with allergies and to help ensure better outcomes.

  • Prepare for changes to AUSkey

    Services receiving funding from the NSW Department of Education will need to prepare for changes to their AUSkey.

  • Engaging the sector: 2019 October Roadshow

    The Department engaged collaboratively with over 900 people from the early childhood education sector during October, for the second round of roadshows in 2019.

  • More preschool places for children in Bossley Park

    Accessing affordable, quality preschool is now easier for families in Bossley Park, as a new centre-based preschool commenced operation by Fairfield City Council thanks to funding made available by the NSW Department of Education.

  • OSHC Survey of Parents will provide valued insights

    The department is committed to improving the availability of quality before and after school care services and to do this well, we are asking parents and providers of services to get involved.

  • October roadshow dates released

    The Early Childhood Education sector roadshow will shortly be underway again with opportunities for staff from all NSW services and providers to attend.

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