OSHC Survey of Parents will provide valued insights

The department is committed to improving the availability of quality before and after school care services and to do this well, we are asking parents and providers of services to get involved.

22 April 2021

The department's objective is to provide access to quality out of school hours care for the families of all children attending government primary schools.

We are consulting with school communities and providers to find innovative solutions for creating more before and after school places where they are required.

Sector providers with OSHC services may have previously seen the information about the $50 million Before and After School Care Infrastructure Fund which was sent out to all OSHC providers on NSW School sites.

From 1 July parents have been able to use the Have Your Say web form on Service NSW to let the department know how they are currently accessing care especially in areas where before and after school care services might not be available or where they have no vacancies.

We?d love your support on engaging your parent communities to have their say.

Please share with all your parents to help us capture the feedback from these important stakeholders, including those with children starting primary school in 2020 and those with children attending non-government schools.

The survey is open till 31 December.

We have prepared an information pack for schools and providers which includes a newsletter article if you wish to include it in your parent newsletter. More information about the program is available on our BASC hub. If you'd like to speak with someone about before and after school care, please contact the team at bascreform@det.nsw.edu.au.

  • Early Childhood Education and Schools Policy
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