2019 Annual Audit for services and providers

2019 Annual Audit for services and providers

As part of the Department’s responsibility to manage a range of funding programs and arrangements, each year an audit process is conducted to review funding compliance.

As outlined in the Early Childhood Education Grants Program funding agreement that organisations agree to before receiving money from the Early Childhood Education Directorate, the Department may carry out performance monitoring by auditing the records of the funded service provider.

Following a procurement process to engage an organisation to conduct the Audits, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu has been engaged to undertake the annual audit to assess compliance of services with the early childhood education funding agreement - the program will commence this year.

Individual services may be contacted to participate, and if contacted, may also be asked to arrange a convenient time for a site visit.

Services are reminded to ensure all requirements, including financial acquittals, are up to date.

Further information

If you require further assistance please contact 1300 755 426 or email eceaudit.funding@det.nsw.edu.au



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