NDIS update for ECE Sector

NDIS update for ECE Sector

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is changing the way people with disability can access the supports they need.

All staff within early childhood services should understand how the NDIS works, so they can offer guidance and support to children, their families and carers.

It is important that all relevant services and agencies are aware of their responsibilities under the Government's agreed principles for the NDIS to ensure people with disability entering the scheme and their families, have a smooth transition.

These principles state:

All governments have agreed that our vision is for an inclusive Australian society that enables people with disability to fulfil their potential as equal citizens. To achieve this vision, all Australian governments, non-government organisations, business and the wider community have a role to play. The interactions of the NDIS with other service systems will reinforce the obligations of other service delivery systems to improve the lives of people with disability, in line with the National Disability Strategy.

The NDIS does not change the obligations of early childhood providers and services under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. Services and providers are required to make reasonable adjustments to ensure children with disability have the opportunity to access and participate fully in their education environments on the same basis as children without disability.

Early Childhood teachers and educators play an integral role in working in partnership with children with disability and their families/carers to connect with the various agencies, including early childhood intervention, assessment and support services. It is also vital for services to ensure educational programs within an early childhood education setting are aligned with the goals and aspirations identified in each child's NDIS plan.

What resources are available to assist?

The Department of Education is one of the many government agencies supporting the rollout of the NDIS and will be providing resources and materials to assist ECE stakeholders to help with understanding and communicating about the scheme.

In the coming months, providers and services will see the distribution of tailored resources including:

  • best practice materials to support early childhood education staff
  • NDIS Fact Sheet information in simple terms - for Staff and Professionals
  • Booklet introducing NDIS - for distribution to families

For further information please contact Tracey Quick at tracey-ann.quick@det.nsw.edu.au or 02 9266 8222.



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