ECE workforce literature review

ECE workforce literature review

The ECE Directorate recently conducted a literature review of available information on the early childhood education workforce, which is now available to download (PDF 2.77MB).

This literature review is one component in the development of a workforce strategy to support the early childhood education workforce in NSW. The review focuses on issues facing the workforce both in Australia and internationally noting some interesting parallels.

Evidence collated consistently showed one of the primary issues facing the early childhood workforce in Australia is attracting and retaining appropriately qualified ECEC professionals. Factors contributing to the shortage include comparatively poor pay and conditions, few progression opportunities, and a lack of professional recognition and support despite the complexity of the work.

The early childhood education workforce strategy is being developed to support a highly qualified and sustainable Early Childhood Education workforce that meets the needs of children and families, in particular, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, children in rural and remote locations and the inclusion of children with additional needs.

More information on the workforce strategy will be made available over the coming months and through the October/November consultation sessions.



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