New ECE Workforce Strategy highlights importance of educators

In strengthening the NSW Government’s commitment to the early childhood education and care workforce, Minister for Early Childhood Education Sarah Mitchell recently launched the department’s new Early Childhood Education Workforce Strategy 2018 – 2022.

This strategy has been developed in consultation with key early childhood education leaders and will build on the early childhood education sector’s existing strengths, to support the sector to deliver a stronger, highly trained and experienced workforce, which can continue to provide the very best early learning to children.

NSW has around 5,500 approved early childhood education services and a workforce of around 66,400 early educators and teachers.

The Workforce Strategy focuses on:

  • Highlighting the value of early childhood education and educators
  • Building capacity with professional development and training
  • Strengthening cultural respect and inclusion
  • Embedding the National Quality Framework into every setting, and
  • Raising parent and community awareness about the important work that educators do.

“I want the early childhood education workforce to feel empowered in their key role delivering education at the most important starting point of the learning continuum”, said Minister Mitchell.

“We’re committed to ensuring the right people, in the right numbers, are available where needed - with the right education, training and workplace skills. We’re also committed to retaining, supporting and motivating early childhood educators, and demonstrating their significant and ongoing contributions”, she said.

The first deliverables to come out of the Workforce Strategy will include the Sector Development Program, providing professional development opportunities for educators from different types of services, and also a trial of student placements.

The department will provide further information about other new programs as it becomes available.

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