Aboriginal Quality Support training programs roll out across the state

Aboriginal Quality Support training programs roll out across the state

Aboriginal families and children in NSW will benefit from a targeted quality support program increasing the focus on improving quality in early childhood education services, through enhancing knowledge and understanding of the National Quality Framework (NQF) among services.

In part 2 of the program, the Australian Childhood Foundation is partnering with the NSW Department of Education to deliver sessions on practical strategies and discussions about how educators can support children’s health and wellbeing. The training aims to ensure cultural strength is integrated throughout early childhood education, and the importance of connection and community is brought to the fore.

The workshops have been developed to address the capability needs of services, identified through feedback gathered at previous face-to-face events as part of the department’s Aboriginal Quality Support program.

The training sessions will be held throughout October and November at the following locations:






25th – 26th October 2018

Mt Druitt

25th – 26th October 2018


8th – 9th November 2018


8th – 9th November 2018


13th – 14th November 2018


14th – 15th November 2018


15th – 16th November 2018


20th – 21st November 2018


21st – 22nd November 2018

La Perouse

22nd – 23rd November 2018

Selected services have been invited to attend these sessions. For more information about the workshops please contact the Australian Childhood Foundation on 1300 381581 and ask for the training team.

The Aboriginal Quality Support program is designed to identify what’s working well for services, as well as addressing the challenges they have faced in implementing the NQF.

Focussing on working collaboratively, sharing knowledge and hearing from sector-leading services and reflecting on experiences with other like-minded services from the community, the preliminary face-to-face consultations were held in Sydney, Toronto, Mogo, Wellington, Lismore, Walgett, Griffith and Kempsey.

Attendees discussed the National Quality Framework, including learning about the successes of exemplary services and how they have integrated Aboriginal culture into their teaching practices. Learnings from these sessions will be translated by the Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care, and developed into a series of culturally-specific guides which will be distributed to all services.



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