Rules changed for Working With Children Checks

Rules changed for Working With Children Checks

Working with Children Checks (WWCC) are vital for the protection, health and safety of all children.

A Working With Children Check is a prerequisite for anyone in child-related work in NSW, including existing workers, new workers and volunteers. Authorised carers and adults who reside at a home where a home based/family day care service is provided, must also hold a NSW WWCC clearance, or have a current application for a clearance.

As the rules have changed since 2017, this is a reminder that services must ensure all employees, volunteers and committee members have registered for and obtained their WWCC, including any new starters.

Home-based and family day care providers are also reminded that teenage children living at the residence who turn 18 will also need to obtain a WWCC.

In order to ensure the safety of all children, Department of Education staff will check for WWCC every time they visit a service, no matter the purpose of the visit. If the required checks have not been obtained, the Department can inform the Office of The Children’s Guardian.

WWCC applications are made directly to the Office of the Children’s Guardian.  A clearance is valid for five years, subject to ongoing monitoring.

The Working With Children Check is only one part of keeping children safe. Learn more about how to develop and maintain a Child Safe organisation, register for the free Child Safe Organisation training or download SAFE resources.



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