Bicultural Support Program supports message of inclusion

Bicultural Support Program supports message of inclusion

To assist with the inclusion of children from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD), refugee or Aboriginal backgrounds, the Department of Education is providing the Bicultural Support program to community and mobile preschools.

Part of the department’s regular Sector Development Program, this tailored support is being delivered by Ethnic Community Services Co-operative.

What is Bicultural Support?

  • Bicultural Support is a program designed to offer language and cultural assistance to children, families and educators, to support inclusive cultural practice in preschools
  • Bicultural Support workers are primarily trained and qualified children’s services workers. There are more than 400 workers engaged by Ethnic Community Services Co-operative, representing over 100 different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, including Aboriginal cultures.

How is the Bicultural Support program delivered?

  • A nominated support worker attends the preschool where support is requested and works with the child, family and educators to help the child settle in and promote diversity and inclusion.

What are the benefits of Bicultural Support?

The program assists services, children and families by:

  • Raising awareness of cultural practices, encouraging an inclusive approach among staff, and helping children to learn more about each other
  • Helping to ensure better communication between children, families, educators and early childhood services
  • Supporting children in their transition to school

What support is available to services through Bicultural Support?

  • 20 hours of Bicultural Support is available to help a child settle in to the preschool.
  • Individualised strategies and plans are developed to meet the cultural and linguistic needs of each child where required
  • A range of inclusive bilingual and bicultural resources are provided.

How to apply

To apply for Bicultural Support, preschools are asked to please contact the Ethnic Community Services Co-operative: by email: or call 02 9569 1288.

An application form should be completed to apply. This can be found on the Ethnic Community Services Co-operative web site:



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