Launch of the Munch & Move eLearning program training

Launch of the Munch & Move eLearning program training

Munch & Move is a fun, play-based program that provides support to Early Childhood Education (ECE) services in NSW to promote healthy eating, physical activity and reduced screen time habits in young children.

The program supports services through the provision of a wide range of resources, professional development and ongoing tailored service support. Munch & Move strongly aligns to the National Quality Framework (NQF) and can assist services to meet the NQF requirements, for example:

  • Quality Area 2: Munch & Move directly relates to Standard 2.1, Element 2.1.3 by providing a range of learning experiences that promote healthy eating and physical activity.
  • Quality Area 3: Munch & Move encourages the use of a range of spaces, equipment and resources to engage children in active experiences.
  • Quality Area 4: Educators are provided the opportunity to share the knowledge and skills gained through the program.
  • Quality Area 6: Services are supported to communicate health messages to families and encourage opportunities for community involvement.

More information and examples can be found in the brochure “How Munch & Move aligns with the NQF”.

To begin your service’s Munch & Move journey, or to refresh your knowledge, a free eLearning training package is available. This self-paced, interactive course consists of videos, activities, and reflective practice questions which will provide educators with the knowledge, skills and resources to embed healthy eating and physical activity into their service. Educators will also have access to a discussion forum moderated by the Early Childhood Training and Resource Centre (ECTARC) to ask questions, share experiences implementing Munch & Move and learn practical tips from other educators across NSW.

More than 3,500 NSW ECE services have participated in the Munch & Move program. After completing the training, services will receive access to a range of resources and support from their Local Health District Support Officer to implement the program. For family day care, this support is provided at the service provider level.

Completing the eLearning – Munch & Move Professional Development Training will contribute 3 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing 2.1.2, 6.2.2, 7.3.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

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