AECEDE to research young lives

AECEDE to research young lives

Early childhood services in NSW will be invited to assist in adding to the body of Australian research data by participating in the AECEDE research project this year.

The Australian Early Childhood Education Development Experience (AECEDE) research project is being conducted by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training in collaboration with researchers from the Telethon Kids Institute (TKI) and the Social Research Centre.

The project is designed to record children's experiences in early childhood education, and track their subsequent progress in the first year of school.

Through this project, researchers will survey 7,000 children in long day care centres and preschools across NSW. When analysed and reported, the data will help create a snapshot of early childhood development in the state.

The Australian Early Childhood Education Development Experience (AECEDE) findings will be useful for policy and research purposes, including to provide insights on the impact of early childhood education experiences on development, and on the transition to school.

Educators will be asked to provide information via a secure, online questionnaire, based on their knowledge and observations of the child's development.

At a later stage, parents or primary carers will be invited to complete a survey about the experience of their child, as well as information about their parenting practices and styles.

Community meetings hosted by the research team from the Telethon Kids Institute will be held in May and June, and detailed information packs will be sent out by the end of June.

More information:

If you have questions about the project aims and study design, contact the Telethon Kids Institute at

Services requesting further information about the operational aspects of the data collection (including training, completing the child development instrument, the online collection system and teacher relief payments) should visit the AEDC website.



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