Water safety guidance for ECE educators

Water safety guidance for ECE educators

Royal Life Saving New South Wales have developed a range of educational resources designed to help three to five year old children learn about water safety.

These tailored tools are available to early childhood education and care services on the Royal Life Saving New South Wales website via a tailored portal.

Royal Life Saving NSW said they believe that those working in the education and care sector can “play a pivotal role in helping to education young children about water safety” and have “a direct impact on the reduction of child drowning deaths across the state”.

Educators are invited to visit the Royal Life Saving NSW website, and register their service to access the program.

Educators will have access to a free Program Delivery Guide which provides information and tips to assist educators to explicitly teach water safety. The free suite of educational resources and activities designed specifically for children aged three to five is designed to help children learn important water safety information.

Resources include a water safety animation as well as various activity printouts from colouring-ins to mazes, dot-to-dots and spot the differences.

To register for the program, visit the childcare centre portal on the Royal Life Saving NSW website.



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