Be You Mental Health training launched

Be You Mental Health training launched

Beyond Blue in partnership with Early Childhood Australia and Headspace have launched Be You, a national mental health initiative in early childhood education which supports educators, early learning services and schools to ensure they are leading and collaborating to create mentally healthy learning communities.

As a national framework, Be You is designed to empower every Australian educator to foster the mental health of those in their care and to consider how they can better look after their own mental health and well-being. Be You supports Australian educators and learning communities at every stage of their journey to help foster mentally healthy future generations.

Through its partner networks, the Be You initiative ensures trained support staff are available to support busy educators to focus on mental health and to provide professional development opportunities so educators have the tools they need to provide advice and support.

The Professional Learning consists of 13 modules grouped under five domains.

Educators can find free resources at and gain access to a range of tools and services, as well as a support team who are on the ground to help learning communities day-to-day.  Be You will continually evolve to reflect the latest research and evidence.

A video overview of the program can be found here

The program is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health.



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