2018- an overview

2018- an overview

Start Strong for three year olds: the NSW Government is committed to delivering the best early education sector in Australia. As announced in the 2018/19 budget, $197.8 million has been allocated over four years to extend NSW Government’s commitment to Start Strong.

This policy extension is supported by additional funding that will create new community preschool places in areas of high demand and need. $42.1 million in extra Capital Works Grants has been allocated over four years to support the creation of new community preschool places, with the first round of applications already completed.

In 2018 the department launched Ninganah No More.This Aboriginal language program aims to increase the level of Aboriginal languages being taught in early childhood services across NSW and provides an opportunity for Aboriginal language, culture and identity to be developed and nurtured in the earliest stage of formal education across NSW.

Aboriginal Families as Teachers was also launched. This program provides support for parents assisting children with early learning at home, aiming to strengthen the ability of Aboriginal families to build rich home learning environments. The program supports active participation in early childhood education by connecting families with services.

A $2.5 million investment focusing on quality improvement in the early childhood education sector was launched in 2018 to strengthen and support providers to ensure consistently high-quality services are available for children and their families. The Quality Support Program was rolled out in partnership with the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) to deliver eligible providers a range of supports to boost quality, including initial visits, training, online follow-up and telephone support.

The Aboriginal Quality Support program is designed to identify what’s working well for services, as well as addressing the challenges they have faced in implementing the NQF. In part 2 of the program, the Australian Childhood Foundation is partnering with the NSW Department of Education to deliver sessions on practical strategies and discussions about how educators can support children’s health and wellbeing.

Gidgee preschool opens. Working together with Weilmoringle community leaders and team members from Community Connections Solutions Australia (CCSA), the department successfully opened the new Gidgee preschool in Weilmoringle this year. The service has been established to help provide sustainable local solutions to early childhood education which can adapt to the unique needs of the community over time.



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