Quality Improvement Plan Template

Quality Improvement Plan Template

NSW has updated its Quality Improvement Plan template to reflect changes to the National Quality Standard that will commence on 1 February 2018.

The Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations require services to have an up-to-date Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).

Quality improvement plans must include a service philosophy, a self-assessment component and a plan for improvement. Officers are required to consider a service's quality improvement plan when assessing and rating a service.

The NSW QIP template has a workbook approach that steps services through the requirements for a QIP under the National Law and Regulations.

A QIP helps providers self-reflect on the quality of education and care provided at their service and assists in planning for future improvements. The QIP is also used by the NSW Regulatory Authority to inform the assessment and rating of a service against the National Quality Standard.

You can obtain a copy of the updated NSW Quality Improvement Plan Template (PDF 503.11KB).

Using an alternative Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) template

There is no prescribed template or format for a QIP under the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations.

A service can use the template developed by the NSW Regulatory Authority or another template.

If you choose not to use the NSW QIP template you should ensure that your QIP format adequately reflects the requirements of the National Law and Regulations.

A QIP should be:

  • Regularly reviewed, at least annually
  • Kept on the service premises or, in the case of a family day care service, at the principal office of the family day care service
  • Shared with the families of children enrolled at the service and families seeking to enrol at the service, if requested by them
  • Available to be viewed by an Authorised Officer or the Regulatory Authority on request.

Further information

If you require further information Quality Improvement Plan requirements, please contact the Early Childhood Education Directorate on 1800 619 113.

Further information is also available on the ACECQA website: http://www.acecqa.gov.au/quality-improvement-plan_1



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