‘It Makes You Think’ with Jay Laga’aia

‘It Makes You Think’ with Jay Laga’aia

Research shows 90% of a child’s brain develops before the age of five. This is just one of the compelling reasons why access to early childhood education (ECE) matters so much, and helps to prepare children for learning, cognitively, socially and emotionally, in readiness for school.

The It Makes You Think’ campaign was developed by the Department of Education to provide this information directly to parents

Actor, singer, children’s television host and early childhood educator Jay Laga’aia, a father of eight and one of Australian television's most recognisable faces, also supported the NSW Government’s mission to inspire every family to enrol their children in an early education program.

Jay says that early education for our kids is a vital building block to a healthier and happier community.

“Over the years I have travelled around Australia exploring early education and I realised that we all want the same things for our kids,” he said in one interview.  “We all want them to grow up to be successful.

“Preschool allows children to learn through art, dance and music so that they're learning without even knowing they are learning. It helps build solid foundations in which to create great adults. It also helps us to become better parents.”

He also highlighted the role ECE plays in preparing children for later changes and new challenges of primary school and being out of home.

“We don't know how our children are going to cope in a situation but preschool allows us to explore the possibilities in a safe and nurturing environment”, he explained.

The interactive platform startstrong.nsw.edu.au was designed to help parents understand more about their child’s early development by demonstrating how the brain develops.

The virtual experience allows users to follow the journey of a child’s brain at work. Like a real brain, each synapse on the platform is unique and there are 10 node hotspots, each with a unique animation that can be tapped for more information and eye opening insights.

Jay believes that the best thing parents can do for their child is invest time in their development and their future and offer them as many opportunities as they can.

“Early childhood education is vital, not only for personal development, but it encourages children to use their imagination and supports and nourishes their love of learning. It builds their self confidence and they learn through play,” Mr Laga’aia said.

Find out more about the benefits of early childhood education by visiting our It Makes You Think website.

There will be further information available on the extended campaign for parents in 2018.



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