More preschool places for children in Bossley Park

Accessing affordable, quality preschool is now easier for families in Bossley Park, as a new centre-based preschool commenced operation by Fairfield City Council thanks to funding made available by the NSW Department of Education.

24 January 2020

The preschool opened in Bossley Park this month and replaces the 20-place mobile preschool that previously operated out of a classroom at the school.

The service is funded through the department's Capital Works Grants program and now offers an extra 100 sessions of preschool per week to the community and will provide a quality preschool program to 80 children every week.

A/Executive Director, Early Childhood Education, Nancy Chang said the Capital works grants allow the use of innovative approaches to increase community preschool places.

"It was great to attend the official opening and to see the preschool in action. There was genuine excitement across the crowd from the preschool director, early childhood educators, support staff, parents and most importantly, for the children," Nancy said.

"It's fantastic to see what a difference the new service is already making for children and families."

Bossley Park Preschool, constructed in the grounds of Bossley Park Public School on Bossley Road, was officially opened by Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone.

  • Early Childhood Education and Schools Policy
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