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What’s new in the National Quality Agenda IT System (NQA ITS)?

Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) have launched ‘Release 21' for the National Quality IT System (NQA ITS) to provide the highest standard for all users.

Upgrades to the NQA ITS have been implemented to improve both its appearance and navigation, delivering administrative benefits for service users.

To assist users, ACECQA has provided a suite of online training sessions, video presentations and user guides. The learning materials can be accessed by logging into NQA ITS training environment. To gain access simply sign in with the following user name, ‘Uatnqa\nswuser7' and password, ‘Password99'.

Sector providers, certified supervisors and other individuals can use the system to submit applications and notifications to their Regulatory Authority.

For those new to early childhood administration, NQA ITS, is the online system that supports the technical implementation of the National Quality Framework (NQF).

Assistance is available with the NQA ITS Getting Started Online guide.

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