Anaphylaxis and allergy support

As part of the ongoing support for early childhood services on a range of health matters, NSW Health agencies are working with the Department of Education to run a pilot program to highlight resources available to support children with allergies and to help ensure better outcomes.

24 January 2020

During the pilot, services that submit a serious incident related to a child having an anaphylactic or allergic reaction will receive a referral email with information about the NSW Anaphylaxis Education Program (NSWAEP).

Services can then use NSWAEP to:

  • debrief with trained medical professionals
  • discuss action plans and risk management.

Training workshops

The pilot is running at the same time as the department's Supporting Children's Health workshops. Invitations for these workshops have already been sent to the sector.

The workshops included presentations by health professionals from the Sydney Children's Hospital Network, Red Nose and CPR Kids. The presentations provided practical guidance on some aspects of children's health.

Note: If you were unable to attend a workshop, five online training modules will be developed from the workshops and made available to the sector in early 2020.


NSWAEP is part of the Sydney Children's Hospital Network at the Department of Health. They are set up to provide anaphylaxis and allergy education to parents, community, schools and pre-schools across the state.

There is no requirement for early childhood services to contact NSWAEP and any information provided to NSWAEP will be confidential.

Please note: Engagement with NSWAEP may help services meet Quality Area 2 - Children's health and safety under the National Quality Standard and can be included in a service's Quality Improvement Plan.

All services can contact NSWAEP for advice, not just those who've submitted a serious incident. Email NSWAEP or call (02) 9845 3501 for more information.

About the pilot program

We will run the pilot for six months and contact services to gain feedback. Participation in the evaluation of the program is voluntary.

If you have any questions please contact our Information and Enquiries team by calling 1800 619 113 (toll-free) or emailing

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