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Annual Preschool Census

All NSW Government funded community preschools are required to participate in the early childhood education Annual Preschool Census each year.

The Annual Preschool Census takes place in August each year with the data collection being managed by the Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation and the Early Childhood Education Directorate.


The purpose of the annual Census is to provide data for government reporting purposes and to calculate service funding.

The department has developed the Annual Preschool Census quick reference guide and additional information on the early childhood contract management system (ECCMS).


Prior to the Census services need to ensure:

  • they can log into ECCMS
  • their details (main, contact and address) are up to date at both the Service Provider level and the Funding Specifications level

During the Census collection period, every service must ensure data provided is accurate and submitted by the deadline.

More information

For help with data entry, call the Department of Education data collection helpline on 1300 951 381 or email your enquiry to ececcollection@det.nsw.edu.au

For funding or ECCMS login enquiries please contact the Information and Enquiries Team on 1300 755 426 or ecec.funding@det.nsw.edu.au


Key dates

The 2019 Census will take place from 22 July - 25 August 2019. ECCMS will be open for Census data during this period.

The representative fortnight for the Preschool Census is Monday 29 July to Friday 9 August 2019. The fortnight encompasses 10 days and provides a snapshot of preschool operations.

More information will be provided as the Census period approaches.

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