About early childhood education

The Early Childhood Education Directorate (ECED) monitors, supports and regulates early childhood education services in NSW. We work to ensure the delivery of quality early education for children from birth up to and including school age.

Our strategic priorities

The directorate is focussed on ensuring:

  • universal access
  • choice and sustainability
  • quality learning environments
  • support for diverse needs
  • an educational and learning focus.

Who we are

Our staff are based at offices in central Sydney, Bankstown, Parramatta and regional NSW locations.

Through communicating and working in collaboration with a range of stakeholders and professionals who work with children in a range of early childhood education environments, we ensure the delivery of high quality services to build a better future for children.

As the NSW Regulatory Authority for early childhood education services, the department of education is responsible under the National Law and Regulations, to ensure services meet the requirements to operate under the National Quality Framework.

The department is also responsible for implementing and administering state-based funding to continuously improve the quality of and access to early childhood education in NSW.

Information for other Government agencies

We've compiled a flyer for government agencies that interact with:
  • us
  • early childhood education and care (ECEC) services
  • families attending ECEC services.
The flyer includes information on:
  • how we're structured
  • what we do
  • when and how to contact us.

Stay informed

Head to our news hub to stay up to date with the latest activities and developments from the department.

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