Annual Preschool Census

All NSW Government-funded community preschools must complete the Early Childhood Education Annual Preschool Census. This page details how and when services complete the census.

August 2022 Preschool Census and key dates

The Department will be undertaking the Preschool Census in August 2022, and in addition, as part of the new Preschool Reform Agreement, child attendance data will also be collected (refer to the Quick Reference Guide).

We will be collecting enrolment data for a fortnight in August. It is important we have up-to-date data.

We will collect the compulsory operational, child-level data, including enrolment days and fees, and staff information.

We will also be collecting attendance data for a 4-week period in August. This will include arrival and departure times for every child for each attended day between 1 August and 26 August 2022.

It is compulsory to submit this attendance information after the Preschool Census.

We have developed a template that can be used to collect and submit this data and this may be downloaded from the Early Childhood Contract Management System (ECCMS).

Note: if your service already has an attendance system that is able to produce an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file with the arrival and departure times of each enrolled child, you can upload this file instead of using the Attendance Template.

Please refer to the FAQs for tips on how to work with the attendance template and ensure your attendance file is compliant.

August 2022 census: key dates

Before 18 July

  • Ensure you have a myGovID account and can log in to ECCMS.
  • Make sure your details (main, contact and address) are up to date at both:
    • the Service Provider level
    • the Funding Specifications level.

From 18 July to 26 August

  • Enter enrolment data into ECCMS for the representative fortnight 1 August to 12 August 2022. Ensure your service's data is accurate and submitted by Friday 26 August 2022.

  • Once all enrolment data has been entered and submitted, download the Attendance template if you are planning to use this template to submit your attendance data. This template will be pre-filled with your service’s enrolment data.

  • Enter arrival and departure times for all enrolled children for each day of attendance between 1 August and 26 August 2022. Upload the completed template to ECCMS by Monday 26 September 2022.

How to get help

Entering data into ECCMS

Entering attendance data using template

Logging into ECCMS and funding queries

Data collection

We use the data for government reporting purposes and to calculate service funding.

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