Quality ratings

In NSW, the display of a service’s overall National Quality Standard rating has been redesigned to help families better understand and engage with your quality improvement journey.

Your advocacy and discussions with families about the quality ratings display will help increase awareness that, over time, will lead to continuous improvement in the provision of quality early childhood education and care services.

NSW Quality Ratings certificate

The Quality Rating certificate is designed to give families important information, at-a-glance, about the overall rating of your service as well as against each of the quality areas.

It is important to remember that quality ratings are not a pass or fail system. Quality is measured on a spectrum, and every service’s continuous improvement journey is unique.

Quality ratings resources

All services are on a journey of continuous quality improvement, supported by the department. Services are encouraged to talk to families about their continuous quality improvement journey.

The department has developed some resources to help guide your conversations with families, or to share more information about Quality Ratings with families:

Services can choose to opt in early to display the redesigned quality ratings certificate, before the rollout for all services. If you would like to receive a copy of your service’s quality rating certificate, with your current service rating, please complete the order form below to request a copy.

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