Aboriginal access

Our Aboriginal services team can provide assistance and advice on best practice with working with Aboriginal children and communities.

Engaging with Aboriginal people

Services can connect with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities by:

  • Attending local meetings to get local advice on Aboriginal education
  • Employing Aboriginal staff
  • Inviting and paying local Aboriginal community members and Elders to run workshops, do storytelling
  • Providing an environment that is culturally appropriate.

Making services culturally appropriate

A service can be made more culturally appropriate by considering the following:

  • Raising the Aboriginal flag
  • Using local Aboriginal language in welcoming signs, room names and teaching
  • Displaying local Aboriginal artwork
  • Using Aboriginal resources
  • Having staff attend Aboriginal cultural awareness training
  • Having an understanding of Aboriginal English; bidilectical teaching strategies
  • Celebrating Aboriginal culture, people and history and involving the Aboriginal community and families in organising the event.

Significant dates

Walking Together - A program for ECE services

The Walking Together program has been developed, through partnering with Ngroo to support early childhood education services across NSW.

The program is designed to help community preschools and long day care centres to build positive relationships with Aboriginal communities and to address the barriers that may prevent Aboriginal families accessing early childhood education.

Walking Together combines cultural education training, a resource kit, an action plan and the involvement of Ngroo’s staff to help services respectfully engage with their local Aboriginal community.

There are more than 140 early childhood education services in NSW working with Ngroo.


More information

The ECED Aboriginal Services Team can provide assistance and advice on best practice to ensure the use of practical tools which support the engagement of Aboriginal children.

The team is developing programs and projects which will provide a framework of excellence to support services and providers in working with Aboriginal children, their families and communities. The framework will support the sector to provide a culturally safe learning environment where Aboriginal children can prosper and all children have the opportunity to learn the rich culture and history of First Australians.

Contact the team by email at AboriginalprogramsECED@det.nsw.edu.au.

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